As one of the largest commercial real estate firms in North Florida, we are proud to offer leasing, development, and property management services at TSG Realty.


With a wide array of properties in our portfolio, we can accommodate just about any business size, type, or configuration. This area is our home turf so our on the ground experience can truly guide you to the best decision possible. Check out our listings, schedule a tour and watch your business grow.


While North Florida and Central Florida are currently experiencing tremendous growth, we strongly believe the potential going forward is even stronger. That’s why we are aggressively but prudently pursuing development opportunities in our region. If you are interested in presenting or discussing development opportunities, we would love to hear from you. 


Treating others as we’d like to be treated isn’t just an empty catchphrase. At TSG Realty, it’s a concept we fully embrace. Property management services from TSG means professional, courteous, efficient and responsive service no matter how large or small the tenant might be. We do property management right.